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WorldDentures.com is a highly experienced, discount dentures provider!

Did you ever hear of a $ 295.- affordable denture??  Probably not!

When it comes to ease of mind-, simplicity of ordering  and safe-guarding your funds: WorldDentures.com is your first-class provider!

Your local Dentist office will do a lot of different procedures and needs the staff to implement them all.

Here, at our "Denture Place" we only do one thing: fitting you with the best wearing dentures-, period!!

If you check the web for other mail order denture companies, you will notice that none of them does it quite the way WorldDentures.com does it!

PRICING:  This is a first! Any Mail Order Denture, upper or lower, partial denture or full denture, - even immediate dentures are all an even  $ 295.- each!

When ready to order, just go to our "Web Store" page. It is run by PayPal, letting you put in your credit/bank card information without us being able to see that information!

ACCURACY:  Greatly enhanced versus our competition.

That is because you will be supplying us with the freshest, most accurate model of your mouth by filling your own imprint with dental stone(enhanced gypsum), which is part of your impression/casting kit. T%his extra step in

Believe this: if you did an acceptable job of creating your own dental impression-, you will have no-, and I mean NONE! problem of creating the gypsum cast!

SAVINGS:  We extend the savings to you, our client, who is doing two steps of the denture fabrication all by yourselves! Hence the $ 295.- denture!


Before you attempt to fill your own impression with gypsum-:  take a few pictures and email them to us! This way we can judge the quality of your impression efforts and guide you away from filling them with gypsum if the impression already looks problematic to us.

Btw, we will send you more impression material for free, if there is a problem with your first try!

But if you don't read this you will be clueless and create problems down the road. We sincerely hope you aren't!!!

By thinking outside of the box and choosing us to be your denture provider, we hope you want to educate yourselves on any and all aspects of this transaction!

TIMING:  To actually produce your new denture should  now only take three weeks after we have received a workable positive gypsum cast from you! And even that time table should change for the better in the future as we implement new ways to convey our dental models to the lab in ever faster ways!

SPLIT PAYMENTS:  The fixed charge of $ 295.- per denture is split in half for you!

To start ordering-, all you have to do is click on the "Kit", indicating your upper or lower denture needs.

$ 145.- will be deducted from your venue of payment: credit, debit card or PayPal.

Later, when the lab is readying your denture to be shipped, the second half: $ 150.- becomes due. We will let you know of that.

Both of those payments, 145 and 150, can be spread out over time, using one of PayPal's credit offers when available.

CASH BACK:  If you had a positive experience with us, why not get a (small) financial reward for spreading the word?  We want to keep our "bragging" page current!

Your positive comment, that you allow us to put onto our "Let's Bragg" page is worth $ 5 to us.

GIVE US A CALL AT:  866-666-9350

Our email address is: [email protected]

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Stay away from apple biting with your denture!

Loose Dentures?

But then again, apples are notoriously hard to tackle with a denture-, any denture!

So, whenever you are ready to

left: upper tray;  right: lower tray

Start with these..

We'll send you those dental trays, that's an upper one on the left, a lower one on the right, plus impression powder, and...

order, just go to our webstore

Dental impression tray with alginate impression material in it and then capped with dental stone, a fortified gypsum material.

..end up with that!

...then you fill your own impression with gypsum powder, part of your kit, and produce this beautiful sandwich for us that you send back!

page for a secure transaction!