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How to do Mail Order Dentures

At, we strive to be your First-Class Dentures Provider!

The above info-graphic will be part of your Mail Order Denture package, also called the "imprint kit"

When it comes to Mail Order Dentures, you, the client, will have to play an important role in this process. 

We require a high degree of your curiosity to make this all work. 

Please read up on everything we present to you on this web site. 

"Own the process!"

Why us?

Mail Order Dentures historically have had an uphill battle when it comes to reputation.

Thanks to the internet, everything is now out on the open!

Research us on Google, Bing, Yahoo etc., and then call us for your unanswered questions!

The 800 number is:

866-666-9350 and you will speak to a real person - from our organization, located at:

214 Noble Street, Kutztown, PA, 19530

Prefer e-mail? Write to:


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