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For your affordable dentures provider: read this!

Interested in us as being your affordable dentures provider?

Be it partial dentures, (some original teeth remaining) full dentures, (fully toothless) or immediate dentures (imprints taken prior to extractions and denture fabricated to reflect extractions.

That way your new denture will already be in your possession and can be worn on the very day of your extractions : ="ImmediateDentures".

Flippers? Yes, we do them now too! But only the one to three teeth variety.

If more than 3 teeth are needed, it is not called a flipper anymore-, it is a regular partial denture at the regular partial denture price, currently at $295 for either an upper or a lower denture.

Go to our webpage on this site: How To?? as well as "F.A.Q" and familiarize yourselves with our procedure. If you come up with a question that is not answered there-, then we want to hear from you!

Get in touch with us via the form below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

We want to be your first-class denture provider!

You can also email us directly at:

Or just call, toll free in the US: 866-666-9350

If no one answers, please leave your tel. number verbally so we can call you back asap.


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