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This piece of info we contracted out. Since it is factually correct, we do not take it out-, but have issues with the pushiness of the message-, so please read it with a grain of salt!

Ever suffered from ill-fitting dentures? Had to shell out a fortune for a pair? Had to make long and tiring visits to the dentist to get yours done?

If you've had to face any of these, do not fret! We can solve your denture related problems.

Order right from website and we'll send you our Imprint Kit. Don't be nervous, it's easy!

 Your imprint kit will come with dental trays, alginate powder and gypsum powder. All you have to do is follow the instructions, make an imprint in the alginate mixture, fill it in with gypsum. That is it. And then you send it to us. Then we make you your dentures and send them to you in just three weeks!

But wait, before you try to fill your own impression with gypsum, do take a few pictures and email them to us. It is the easiest way for both of us to judge the efforts you put in creating the impression/s.

We will also send you more impression material for ‘free’, if there was a problem with your first try. Yes, you read that right.

The next factor is time. Well, we will send you the denture as soon as we get it back from the lab based on the gypsum impression you have sent. Mostly it takes three weeks to complete the task.

Now you must be wondering about the price? Well guess what, you can have all that at $295. Yes, that's right. Just $295. And we'll deliver it straight to your home by USPS Priority Mail-, no matter where you live!

Prices for all our dentures are fixed at $295, whether full or partial- upper or lower!

Our dentures are made of acrylic, but we'll be more than happy to make them out of Valplast for 20% extra.

To be honest, we do take a lot of pride in providing flexible Valplast dentures without any metal support.

To us, it feels kind of local: the Valplast people, located on Long Island, NY, feel like neighbors! We are always taking them up on their latest workshops, webinars and the like! 

You pay $145 for the Imprint Kit and $150 once denture has finished.

And the new kid on the block is: "Super small partial denture"!

It is a "flipper", containing only one to three artificial, acrylic teeth!

Read that right: only one to three teeth in that flipper! But once you need 4 teeth or more in your denture-, it is called a partial and will set you back the regular going rate of $ 295 per upper or lower.

But if you are in that sweet spot of 1 to 3 teeth flippers-, then it is only $ 195, complete!

No splitting costs here-, this is a one-time payment that covers your impression and casting kit as well as payment for the finished denture!

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