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Dentures Galore!!

If you have some missing teeth in your mouth and do not have enough insurance coverage to take care of that-, WorldDentures.com is your best hope for a positive outcome!

Btw, we do not (yet) provide automatic dentures, as that pic above might suggest...

We originated here, in the US, in 2010, to fill a need! The need being addressed is that of either no or untimely insurance coverage!

You may or may not know, that even with proper and full dental coverage, you can only get new dentures covered every 5 to 7 years. We can be your hope for this interim period.

We hear it all the time: older people being hospitalized; their dentures taken away for "security reasons" and then nowhere to be found at checkout time!

Time for DIY Dentures!

Let WorldDentures.com be your affordable dentures provider!

Full Dentures or Partial Dentures:

Any upper or lower denture you might need-, if ordered from us, through this website-, is only 

295.- complete!

Dentures are of the acrylic kind which is nowadays most common and cost effective.

Valplast dentures can be supplied as well by special request and a premium of 20% is added to the regular cost.

We pride ourselves in supplying Valplast flexible dentures void of any metal support.

What that means to you:

Most people have one or more dental repairs lingering in their mouth, fillings made of lead and other metals that could unfavorably react with the new denture's metal structures.

So, having NO metals in your new, flexible dentures is a distinct plus!

Check out our full system of DIY dentures on our "How-To?!?" page. Comes with plenty of pics and a video is in the works, too!

Just clean them thoroughly,- they have been through a lot of traffic!

Immediate Dentures

No, it doesn't work that way as you see it in this pic! We do not drive by with ready-made dentures for your immediate picking...

You have existing, original teeth in your mouth, but are thinking of having them pulled (for various reasons like esthetics, infection, unsightly leftover results from battery or car accidents).

The problem you see is if impressions are done after the fact of tooth removal, you will be out of "good looks" for quite some time-, (about 8 weeks are needed for healing and bone resorption to slow down before a new impression is advocated)...waiting for the new dentures to be fabricated.

No, you want your new dentures "immediately" after extractions so your life can go on-, uninterrupted!

So how is this done? You supply us with the impression and cast of your current "situation of mouth" and let us know which teeth will be extracted  and then we will file your gypsum cast's teeth down to the gums in anticipation of the final outcome after extractions.

The lab will build the new denture atop of this newly created reality -, and voila-, your new dentures can be worn immediately right after extractions!

Full disclosure here: the two positives of immediate dentures are:

1) lesser puffing of wounds;

2) lesser immediate resorption of underlying bone structure because of immediate pressure on them by way of new denture.

One potential negative: shorter time of denture in service because of stronger mouth reactions to the new extractions.

Clear-text here: Have the money ready for a new denture 12 to 24 months after the successful insertion of the first denture, the "immediate denture"!

Pricing: same as for full/partial dentures:  $295 per arch!

Please place your order on our page called "Web Store".

PS:    We are working on yet another denture type: the flipper!

           If you recall us saying that we do not want to be involved with single tooth dentures, also called flippers-,

           then you are right!

           But for some reason or another, lately we have gotten a number of requests for that kind of "short" 

            denture, consisting of 2 -3 teeth.

           We feel that we can safely accommodate these requests and are also able to pass on the reduced charge                     from the lab for these kind of cases.

           We are looking at a total cost of $ 195 for those cases. This is a one time payment and covers imprint kit as               well as finished denture.

           The reason we are a bit reluctant to put that offer out to the public is what happens to the person that 

            needs just 4 teeth in their partial? How can we justify an additional $ 100 for that just one extra tooth??

           But there has to be a cut off line here somewhere... So that's the dilemma...

           If you are the perfect candidate of two or three teeth needed, than now you know of this offer and just 

            order it from our web store web site.

           If no problems or lengthy emails arise with irritated clients-, then we could keep those charges posted                      on our web store page! (And we are, as of now!!)