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Custom Made Dentures: F. A. Q.

(Frequently asked questions)

Why are Mail Order Dentures so much cheaper than Dentist procured Dentures?

It is all about the Base! (overhead costs)! A Dentist has to undergo extensive training and has to maintain a fully staffed praxis with many employees. None of that applies to Mail Order Dentures!

Mail Order Dentures Time Line ?

There are two components to this question!

Once you have paid for your order that is routed through Paypal, then next business day shipping will occur!

It will take 2 to 3 days to reach you anywhere in the USA but you can follow the progress of your shipment on USPS tracking!

We ship by using Priority Mail, which is tracked and insured! Search your spam or junk folder for that announcement from paypal about your tracking info!

Feel free to call: 866-666-9350 or email us at: to get that tracking info from us direct.

How do I know you are for real?

That can be hard to ascertain on the Internet-, I agree. But we do have a local, physical Pennsylvania address !

Our local, physical business is called: WorldDenturesLab.LLC and is located at:

214 Noble Street, Kutztown, PA, 19530

Do use all available resources to learn more about us: google, bing or yahoo will give you more insight into our business, including reviews and ratings!

How is my money safeguarded?

Any money exchanged is routed through Paypal! Which is a safe and anonymous payment facilitator! And you do not have to have a Paypal account to use its services!

You will be able to input any of your credit or debit card information onto Paypal's secure payment page-, at the same time avoiding us to see those numbers directly.

How is a dispute resolved?

Disputes opened up within Paypal's secure structure will result in the immediate freezing of client's funds.

"Client", that is you, our customer and your money will be taken out of our Paypal account and rendered inactive until dispute is settled.

What happens if the denture doesn't fit?

There is a possibility of that, yes. All of our discount dentures are custom made, of course. We are working off your provided imprint/gypsum cast.

What happens next is that you have to tell us where it hurts/ does not fit/ needs adjustment.

Go to our P.I.C.S. page for a look at a marked up denture by the client, before it gets shipped back to us.

After we do the adjustment by grinding out the areas marked by you, then it will go back for a new insertion try-out. If you still need more relief, then mark it again and resend. That custom made denture just has to fit!

Now, that does not go on forever, we just request your patience for 3 adjustments before we call that denture a failure.

What now? At this point you can either get your denture purchase money of $ 150 back or request a new try. That means a new impression kit that will hopefully lead us to a new, well wearing, custom made denture.

There is no cost involved at your side and if the second denture does not fit, then you still can get back your $ 150. But we won't be doing another, 3rd. try for sure.

Money Back Procedure:

If we don't hear from you after you have received the finished denture then your silence will indicate to us a completed sale, i.e. our work feels satisfactory to you.

We have had clients try to get their money back after half a year, a full year or more! What that shows us is that the client has been wearing our denture to any number of occasions, like weddings and family gatherings, etc. then decides to go toothless again like all those years before and rather get some money back than to continue wearing the denture. We will have none of that.

But if communication was steady and we could not produce a good result for you after making 2 dentures for you, then a refund will be initiated from us through PayPal.

That $ 150 will come from Paypal and will go back to the same card you used to do the original purchase with.

What we don't do:

We do not accept insurance of any kind. This is a dentist-less denture fabrication process and this is the basis of our low prices versus a dentist-procured denture.

Over/under-bite correction. Not advisable within the limitations of a denture mail order company.

Adding an additional tooth to an existing denture is another example of what we don't do. The cost to do that is equal to a new denture, created from scratch-, with your current "state of mouth" i.e., new impressions.

"Guaranteed to fit dentures" means your current situation. We do not guarantee the fit of our denture for the future.

Normal conditions allow a denture to be usable for five to seven years-, but if your mouth changes before those time frames, then we can only offer you a new denture-, albeit at a reduced price if you make us aware of your prior involvement with worlddentures.

You have a question that has not yet been answered?

Great! Please do contact us at: is on Twitter!

Why not leave a positive comment upon completing the procedure? Remember how you felt when you first contemplated of going with our service for your custom made dentures?

Jitters? Maybe-, doubt-, surely and anxiety of where your money was going... thrown in for good measure!

So do your fellow denture-seeking folks the favor by describing your experience with us...more folks to share in the savings of this Dentist-less Denture fabrication and delivery service-, that's a good thing!

Custom made dentures at the lowest price possible!

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