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Lets  Brag!!

All comments on this "bragging page" are from real people...with their own e-mail address!

Let me know who you would like to contact for a feedback and I should be happy to provide that e-mail /feedback!

Boneappart, J.' Taylors, SC 8/3/16

I got my partial in the mail, thank you so much, they snapped right in real snug and fit!

Brando P. Oceanside, CA 9/15/15

You made my upper and lower back in April this year, but I have broken the lower in half!

Am in need of another lower now because I will not want to let go of a life that you made a lot more fun and productive!

WD comment: after we talked on the phone, he ordered both: a valplast, flexible partial denture as well as the

replacement of his acrylic partial denture (that broke). Valplast does not break!

Anna Lucie from TX, 8/17/15

I was without teeth for 18 years! I have to show off my new teeth to everyone now! I admit, I am a show off! Thanks to you! Please stay in touch-, you are my friend now! When you go to Texas, let me know and stop by!

Doug H. from Sacramento, CA 8/1/15

Thank you for your wonderful service and product. You guys are great!

Chiquita W. from Hopkinsville, KY 7/27/15

I received it thanks, good job! (She has now a two tooth flipper from us)

Kathy M. from Sugarland, TX 6/11/15


I just received my upper denture. It is fantastic! The fit is wonderful! My last denture was made at an office and never really fit that well. I don't know why anyone would go to a dentist and pay all their fees! I am going to order another one for a spare. Thank you!

And that she did! We are processing her new order right now!

This is her new comment after receiving this second piece of work from us: 7/23/15: Klaus... I just got the new upper denture. It is also just perfect! Thanks so much! You are an artists!

Cheryle T., Mobile, AL 5/15/15

Can't really tell you how good it felt-, having my new denture in my mouth for the first time!

I've had four dentures so far-, each costing me over 1000 dollars, and the one I ordered from your service beat them all! The fit is just perfect! For about a quarter of the cost!

Don't know how you do it-, but keep that up!

Thankfully yours, Cheryle from Mobile.

"Herr" Snyder, Port Angeles, WA 1/5/15

His words from one of many telephone conversations we had. This one right after he got his upper and lower denture: You are a champ, Herr Buschan! First try-in and it all fits! Count me as a fan! Use me as a reference!

I mean it!

Svetlana B., London, UK 11/22/2014

"Received my upper denture in the mail and it fits marvelously! It is of bespoke quality! I will want to do my lower denture with your service now as well. Many thanks!"

Robert A., West Hollywood, CA 11/15/2014

"Received your dentures and I was very impressed. They look great. The top is a perfect fit and very comfortable, the bottom will need a very slight adjustment which I will take care of myself. I have all the dental burrs and equipment to adjust . (I am into antique furniture making.) Good Job!"

Dr. Heather F., Saskatchewan, Canada 10/31/2014

The package arrived today and the denture is in my mouth. I must say, after a series of disasters with dentures I am more than a little impressed! I will say more after having a few days to adjust to them in my mouth but you have my sincere appreciation. Thank you!

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