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That denture could be one of three things:
a full denture (no original teeth left in either upper or lower mouth;
a partial denture (some existing, functioning teeth remain-, the gaps are made up of synthetic teeth in the denture;
an "immediate denture" (you will send us the cast of your current state of mouth, but will indicate where new extractions will happen. We then grind down those gypsum teeth on the cast, creating the new reality. The lab will construct the denture to fit you after extractions)
The lab has finished your denture and will send it to us now.
Please pay $ 150 for your denture now on our website.
You are guaranteed a well fitting denture at this price and if we can't deliver, your denture payment of $ 150 will be refunded.
Please read up on the particulars on our FAQ page.

Finished denture to be sent to you!

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